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Noise Phobias in Dogs

This is the time of year when a lot of dog owners notice their dogs having Noise Phobias.  Whether it is from fireworks, thunderstorms, motorcycles or gunshots, dogs can show the same symptoms/reactions to these noises.  The most common fear reactions in dogs to these noises would be hiding, panting, trembling, and seeking attention from their owner. In severe cases, you may see destructive behaviors and or aggression.  The magnitude of these reactions can be based upon the severity of the dog’s phobia or the loudness of the sound.                                          

Here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we see a lot of our patients with these fears to noises.  There are a few things that we recommend that you can try:
 The first would be desensitization to these loud noises.  There is a great website by Dr. Sophia Yin that is a great reference. To visit her website CLICK HERE.  Dr. Yin focuses on behavior modification and has lots of great tips for these types of situations. 
Ranee’s Blossom modeling her pink Thundershirt

Another great option to try would be a thundershirt.  The concept of a thundershirt is to apply constant pressure and a feeling of comfort much like a baby being swaddled in a blanket.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Another option would be DAP or dog appeasing pheromones.  Pheromones naturally relax or affect an animal’s behavior.  These can be found in a collar, spray, or a plug in at any retail pet store.

In some cases these options are just not enough for a severe noise phobia. In that case, we do recommend an exam with one of our veterinarians to discuss medication options. 

Please feel free to call and speak with any of our staff here at KAH to discuss further if you think your dog may be having a noise phobia.  


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