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New Convenient Antibiotic

Antibiotics are wonderful medications to help our loved ones feel better. Sometimes, though, they can be extremely difficult to give. Have your ever chased your cat around the house to give push a pill down it’s throat? Have you ever tried to hide an antibiotic in a piece of ham, cheese, etc. only to find out that Fido spit it out 5 minutes later?

Administering antibiotics can be very frustrating for clients and we are happy to announce that there is another option! Convenia is a injectable antibiotic that is professionally administered at the veterinary office and lasts for up to 14 days of treatment. Convenia is statistically proven to equal a veterinary label, multi day course of oral antibiotics. Convenia ensures that you pet gets the medication it needs without the hassle of daily administration.

The next time your loved one needs antibiotics ask your Veterinarian about the injectable option – CONVENIA!


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