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My Knees Feel Great Now, Thanks!

Hi! My name is Miss Mellow and I’m a loveable 5 year old rottweiler. In 2005 my mom took me to the vet’s office because I was lame on my left hind leg. Dr. Cook felt my leg and took radiographs and diagnosed me with a cranial (anterior) curciate ligament injury. This may sound familiar to you because it is the same injury that human athletes get (ACL injury in people, CCL in dogs) in their knees. This ligament is a major stabalizer of the stifle (what I call my knee) joint. Because of this instability, my stifle was very inflammed and painful. 
Dr. Cook told my mom that without treatment there could be damage to the surrounding cartilage in my knee and degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) could progress very quickly. The doctor told my mom in order for me to painlessly use my stifle properly again, it would need to be repaired surgically. Afterward mom had to restrict my activity and do physical therapy exercises with my leg for several weeks. 
Unfortunately, shortly after my left CCL tore, my right one did also! Dr. Cook said that happens in 30-50% of the dogs with these injuries. My mom loves me so much that she had my right knee surgically repaired AND did my physical therapy all over again. Because she took care of me so well Dr.Cook said at my last yearly check-up that BOTH of my knees are doing great.

Thanks mom and Dr. Cook -Miss Mellow


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