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My Four-Legged Lucky Charm By: Ranee Baker RVT

     My name is Blossom and I am a LUCKY dog.  I am four years old and I was used as a breeding Whippet.  When my breeder gave up her kennel license, I was placed up for adoption.

     A family came to visit me at the kennel.  They brought their male Whippet along to meet me.  His name was Rocket and he was 1 year old.  When I came into the room I was very scared.  I army-crawled into the room and wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone.  Rocket came over, sniffed me and immediately my personality changed.  I jumped up and started wagging my tail.  I licked Rocket on the muzzle and he returned my kisses.

The nice lady offered me a cookie and pat me on the head.  She said she wanted to take me home forever.  My response to Rocket was so unusual that she asked about it.  I recognized Rocket.  He came from the same kennel and he is my son.  I was so happy to be reunited with him.  The last seven months have been wonderful.  I have blossomed (hence my name) into a sweet, loving little dog.  I have a loving family, a warm bed, and lots and lots of toys to play with.  My mommy tells me everyday how much she loves me and I shower her with kisses to show her my appreciation for giving me a forever home. 

Written by Ranee Baker RVT as told to her by


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