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My Dog Got Stung By a Bee: What Do I Do?


Kelly’s Wyatt taking time to smell the flowers.


     Bees are everywhere, even here in Frederick, MD and in some cases their stings can be just as serious as they are in people.  Dogs tend to have an increased risk of getting stung because of their curiosity of anything that moves so keep an eye out for signs of bee stings which can include: crying out, running in circles, scratching, licking, or chewing at the sting, and swelling of the site. 
     Here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we recommend getting in to see your veterinarian as soon as possible if your dog has experienced a bee sting, as severe allergic reactions can happen quickly.  They will be able to administer medication to ease any pain, itching and swelling your dog may be experiencing. 

     Before you make it to the hospital, if you can remove the stinger go ahead and try to do so by scraping a credit card across the skin to brush it out.  Something to know, is if you try to remove it by pinching or pulling, it is possible to break the stinger and inject more venom into your pup.  Don’t worry though if you cannot remove the stinger as your veterinarian can help with that too! 

     In order to minimize contact with these little critters for your dog, try to monitor your property for any nests in the ground or in trees.  Also, helping your furry friend to avoid flower beds as much as possible wouldn’t be a bad idea as bees love their flowers!  While being safe is important, most importantly, remember to have fun this spring!


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