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Meet Sophia Loren

Meet Sophia Loren. She came to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital on 8/5/11 through Frederick County Animal Control after they were contacted by someone who found her wondering in a local business parking lot. She is a sweet 9 pound poodle mix that had obviously suffered some serious neglect. She had evenly spaced infected wounds on the side of her neck where something must have been poking into her skin. She was covered from head to toes to the tip of her tail in about 2 inches of solid matts and had to be shaved to the skin. She also had abrasive lesions on her side and knee. She has been adopted by a staff member at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital and is ready to start her life as an 8 year old girl’s “dream dog”. Welcome to the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital family Sophia. We are so glad you found us.


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