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Meet Malibu

Meet Malibu! She is the newest addition to Vet Assistant, Nicolette’s, family. She is a German Shepherd/Lab/Collie mix and is 5 months old . She was adopted through Frederick County Animal Shelter and has been in her forever home for 4 weeks. Her mother was 40lbs and her father was 50lbs putting her at a whopping 27lbs currently, so she is not going to get much bigger. Her favorite past times include running, chewing, playing fetch, trying to eat butterflies, and chasing the cat 🙂 She is a very smart girl and knows how to sit and lay down (we are still in puppy class)! Just recently she was reunited with her sister, Cali, and brother, Patrick, from the litter and they had a fantastic play date full of wrestling! They are so funny, and kept everyone entertained! Needless to say they all slept very well that night!


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