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Maintaining a Senior Pet

Hi, my name is Sophie.  My Mom and Dad call me The Bear Cub, but Sophie will do just fine.  I’m gonna be 13 years old soon, and I have to say that my parents have done a great job keeping me feeling young and spunky.  I get to see my good pal Dr. Cook at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital in Frederick, MD at least twice a year for wellness exams, sometimes more if my joints are bothering me, and he monitors my liver values with annual blood work.  

My Mom feeds me Hill’s J/D which is formulated to nourish my cartilage and provide an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acid.  I get glucosamine supplements called Dasuquin every day and an injectable glucosamine supplement twice a month called Adequan.  Those sure have made a positive difference in my mobility over the years!  Mommy also gives me this yummy tablet every morning called Denamarin which has significantly regulated my elevated liver enzymes.  
I’m no stranger to having my teeth cleaned – I get to spend a whole day every year with one of the lovely technicians at KAH having my teeth scaled and polished to prevent periodontal disease. In between my cleanings, my Daddy likes to give me CET Chews and Greenies.  He says they keep my mouth healthy and make my breath smell super!
Written by Megan Stone (as told to her by Sophie)


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