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Local Dog Parks

Dogs now have a place to run free in Frederick County.

While most parks in Frederick County allow dogs, rules say they must be leashed. The new Greenbriar Pet Resort and Veterinary Center on Thurston Road is offering fenced-in areas where leashes are not needed, provided Fido is well behaved.
Big dogs and small dogs each have their own sections, with each section about an acre and a half, according to Sharon Kessler, the executive director of the boarding kennel.

In the middle of the expansive grassy area is a gazebo for dog owners to sit and watch their dogs at play.

Here are some more details on the park …

The Urbana park is free. Greenbriar is asking pet owners to sign a one-time release on their first visit and get a copy of the park rules. The kennel asks that aggressive dogs and female dogs in heat not come to the park.

“We’ll be keeping an eye on things,” Ms. Kessler said. “We’ll check periodically to make sure everything is going well.”

Plastic bags and trash cans will be at the park for dog owners to scoop up after their dogs. The kennel also has a nature trail that’s a little less than a mile long. Dog owners are welcome to take their dogs on the trail on a leash.

“We hope by late spring that a pond will be available,” Ms. Kessler said.

The dog park is surrounded by a split rail fence with wire mesh along the inside. The pond site is surrounded by a chain link fence. The nature trail is lined with wood chips.

City of Frederick

The City of Frederick Parks & Recreation Department is excited to announce the opening of our first Dog Park. The Dog Park is located at 212 Carroll Parkway, at the corner of North Bentz Street and Carroll Parkway across from Baker Park. We are extremely pleased to offer this park to all residents, particularly those in the downtown area.

Please be advised that all dogs must be registered and receive a tag from the Department of Parks & Recreation prior to using the park. You may visit the William R. Talley Recreation Center at 121 North Bentz Street during normal business hours to apply for and receive your tag prior to using the park.

The brochure and application are also on our website at: http://www.cityoffrederick.com/departments/Recreation/docs/dog-park-registration.pdf.


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