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Life on a Highway- The story of a cat named “Ray Charles”

Julie giving Ray his first bath

One of our most memorable come back stories is about a struggling kitten found by a good samaritan on the side of Route 15 in Frederick, Maryland.  He was 5-6 weeks old when he was discovered on the side of the busy road in mid-September.  Not only was he abandoned, but also very frightened and in need of serious veterinary care.  

The good samaritan contacted Frederick County Animal Control.  Unfortunately, they could not shelter anymore cats and based on his condition would likely euthanize him.  
That is where Kingsbrook Animal Hospital stepped in! After hearing of the situation and condition of the little kitten, Dr. Cook agreed to treat him for his numerous ailments and live in the hospital until we could find him a home.  

At only one pound, he was emaciated, dehydrated and suffered from ear mites and yeast infection. As if that was not enough, he had intestinal parasites, an upper respiratory infection and his eyes were severely infected and ulcerated.  Medical care was started immediately with eye and ear medications, fluids, de-wormer, and antibiotics thanks to the Kylie and Cricket Memorial Fund!  His appetite was carefully monitored to make sure he was eating and gaining weight.  
Note the opacity of his eyes

During treatment, his eyes were still very cloudy.  The veterinarians could mildly see his iris which makes his ability to see very low, if at all. He was diagnosed blind, but could potentially see shadows. That did not slow him down at all! Once he was feeling better, his charismatic personality earned him the nickname “Dennis No Menace!”  He was very affectionate and would purr and start “making biscuits” as soon as he was picked up.  He loved to play and we gladly obliged every chance we had.

It wasn’t long before someone found room in their heart for this special needs kitty.  He was adopted that November and renamed “Ray Charles”. He now lives in Portland, Maine with his family which includes a cat and 2 dogs that he loves to play with. His owners think that he can see some shadows based on the fact that he likes to whack the dog’s tails! He is a very happy cat now that his days on the streets are far behind him.

Ray Charles is a Happy Cat!!



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