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Licensing in Frederick, MD

 Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility.  Regular veterinary visits and vaccines are a part of pet ownership.  Rabies vaccines are given to dogs and cats and require owners to apply for a license within the county they are living in.  Licensing your pet with the county is one of many responsibilities that tend to get over looked.  Getting your pet licensed has a number of benefits and also helps to keep track of how many pets are being vaccinated against Rabies.  Learn about the benefits of why it is important to license your pet and the consequences if you don’t.

Vaccinating your dog or cat against Rabies is required by law in Frederick, MD.  Rabies is a deadly virus that attacks the central nervous system; it can be transmitted from animal to animal and from animal to humans most often through bite wounds.  Rabies infections are almost always FATAL.

Licensing your pet, helps to keep track of how many domesticated pets are being vaccinated against this deadly virus and helps prevent against Rabies outbreaks.  Because Rabies has such a deadly impact, tracking vaccinated pets is a must to ensure that an outbreak does not happen.  We have had quite a few Rabies positive cases recently in Frederick, MD, which is a scary reality.  Having Rabies positive animals within our county puts our pets at risk.  By vaccinating and licensing your pet, you are taking the first steps in making sure Rabies does not have the chance to spread.

Another benefit to licensing your pet with the county is that it helps increase the chance you will be reunited with your pet in the unfortunate circumstance that he may become lost.  Pet licenses have a unique number attached to them, which allow an animal control officer to access your contact information.  If your pet is picked up by a local citizen and left at a local shelter, or an animal control officer has found your pet, then you can rest assured that your pet will be reunited with you.  Licensing fees also help with the care and upkeep of homeless animals at the Frederick County Animal Shelter. 

If your pet is not licensed with the county you live in and is involved in an animal related attack or is picked up because he is lost, you are liable for some hefty fines.  Also, if your dog has no means of identification, he may not be reunited with you if lost.  The best way to avoid a stiff fine down the road and assure your pet is returned to you is to apply for a license.  

To get the forms to apply for a county license CLICK HERE.


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