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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital’s View on Microchipping

Here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital we recommend microchipping your pet. This is to ensure our clients that if their pet were to get lost, they would be able to find their way back home. We use the company HomeAgain.  HomeAgain is a lost pet recovery service that provides us with microchips and clients with a datadase with their information that matches with their pets microchip.   
We always recommend to microchip while a pet is under anesthesia or after using a local anesthetic by a veterinarian.  The microchip with an ID number is injected between the shoulder blades of the pet.  We then register your information to your pets ID number through HomeAgain’s database.  Any Animal Hospital or Shelter would know to scan any found pet for a microchip.  Then they would contact HomeAgain to get the owners information to reunite the pet with their owners. 
Just this week we had a gentleman come in with a little dog that he had found in a nearby parking lot.  She was an adorable little dog with a HomeAgain collar on that read Cocoa and an ID number.  We called HomeAgain (1-888-HomeAgain or www.homeagain.com) to report her missing.  They gave us Cocoa’s owner’s information. Within minutes we were able to contact the owner and she was so relieved to know that Cocoa was ok.  She had been at work with her and she got out when a delivery was being made.  It was so great to see them reunite, you couldn’t tell who was happier!  Thanks to microchipping,  pets are able to find their way back home!
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