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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital’s Patient Penelope Is An Animal Planet Star!

A new star is born! Kingsbrook Animal Hospital is proud to announce that our patient Penelope has been featured in an episode of Animal Planet’s new mini-series Life At Vet U. The episode first aired on Saturday October 29th but will be shown again on Saturday November 5th. During the show, Animal Planet covers the story of Penelope’s portosystemic shunt (PSS). Also known as a “liver shunt,” a PSS is a blood vessel that routes blood flow around the liver, instead of through it. This means that all of the toxins that a normal liver is able to break down and filter out remain in the pet’s circulation. These toxins build up in the bloodstream and can cause the pet to become very sick. Sometimes animals with a PSS will exhibit neurologic signs, like dizziness or seizures. This condition needs to be corrected surgically to close the vessel and restore normal blood flow through the liver. The students at the University of Pennsylvania helped Penelope by performing this surgery!

Tune in this coming weekend to see Penelope’s story, or check out the episode online at http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/life-at-vet-u/.

Dr. Lynch with TV start Penelope!
Dr. Lynch with TV start Penelope!


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