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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital The Beginning

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

How it all began…

Doctors Morse Davis and Adrienne Cardella grew up about 2 miles from each other in Bethesda, Maryland, but never knew each other prior to veterinary school. Doctor Cook grew up on a farm in the mountains of West Virginia.

They all met on their first day of veterinary school at Ohio State in September of 1989. After graduation, each went their own separate ways. Dr. Cardella worked in Alexandria, Virginia; Dr. Cook went to Leesburg, Virginia; and Dr. Davis worked at a hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. After 10 months, Dr. Cardella accepted a position at Quince Orchard Veterinary Hospital in Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

Drs. Brent Cook and Morse Davis

In the spring of 1994, doctors Cook and Cardella bumped into Dr. Davis during a solar eclipse. Dr. Cardella mentioned her new job at Quince Orchard and Dr. Davis joined her a few months later. Doctors Cook and Cardella then married in 1996. Dr. Cook and Dr. Davis began talking about opening their own hospital someday, and after years of exploring the demographics of different areas, exploring neighborhoods, and meeting with realtors, they decided that the Kingsbrook area of Frederick would be the home of their new animal hospital! They saw their first patients in March of 1999, when Dr. Cardella was home raising her and Dr. Cook’s daughter, Alice. 

Dr. Adrienne Cardella and Ann Carlson, assistant
In the beginning, Doctors Cook and Davis took turns at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, doing relief work at other hospitals on their off days. At this point, there was only one doctor and one other person working the hospital each day. Each person wore many different hats, working as a veterinarian, an information technologist, receptionist, technician and even a janitor! Fortunately, word spread and our hospital grew quickly. Today, we are lucky enough to support 5 doctors and over 20 staff members. We have grown because of our amazing clients and we are forever in their debt!


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