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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Insight (Part 2)

We asked our team a few questions about KAH, here are some of their answers:
 First thought, one word- KAH is _______

            Melissa: Multifaceted

            Kelly: Awesome
            Maureen: Awesome
            Megan: Fuzzy
            Samantha: Awesome
            Nora: Friendly
            Katie: Family
            Ranee: Awesome
            Lainey: Caring
            Julie: Family
            Ann: Quality
            Tiffanie: Heartfelt
            Morgan: Awesome
            Haley: Family
            Dr. Cardella: Unique
            Dr. Davis: Compassion
Tiffanie, Melissa and Nikki wrapping presents for our adopted Christmas family

 I work at KAH because…
            Melissa: The medicine is great. The people are like family. The service we strive to provide is motivating.

            Kelly: I love to work with animals and the people who care for them!
Maureen: I love all animals and the people that love their animals.
            Megan: It makes me feel important!
            Samantha: I am appreciated and valued as a member of the team.
            Nora: My skills are utilized and appreciated and I feel useful in this environment.
            Katie: I feel valued and appreciated. My input is important.
            Ranee: It allows me to promote the human-animal bond, practice quality medicine and utilizes my education and technical skills.
            Lainey: The staff and doctors really care for animals and love their job. The high standard of patient/client care.
            Julie: Where else would I work?!
            Ann: I believe in the medicine/treatment we give here.
            Tiffanie: Standard of care, compassion, progressive medicine.
            Haley: I love animals & the people here J
            Dr. Cardella: I have followed Dr. Davis more then once.
            Dr. Davis: I’m proud of what we do here. Not only for pets, but their owners and our staff too!
Dr Davis, Katie and Basil visiting a elementary school
Be serious, I love KAH because…

             Melissa: Work is often a place it seems you spend more time there than at home… At KAH, I don’t mind.

            Maureen: Everyone here provides the best care.
            Megan: Because of the people.
            Samantha: They provide a positive learning environment.
            Nora: of the relationships I have with everyone on the KAH team.
            Katie: Too many reasons!
            Ranee: I get to educate people on how to care for their pets so they can have a long, healthy, happy life.
            Lainey: They value and utilize their technicians
            Julie: They allow me to do the job I love and always encourage learning and thinking outside the box.
Ann:Compassionate, hardworking people. Good medicine. Ethical.
            Tiffanie: We are truly a family.
            Haley: We love unconditionally (like dogs). No matter who/what’s going on, we want to help & genuinely care.
            Morgan: Everyone is so close knit like a family.
            Dr. Cardella: Everyone reallycares.
            Dr. Davis: The people who work her are awesome.
Nora, Julie and Melissa at Frederick Pride


What is your favorite KAH event?

            Melissa: I can’t pick one!

            Kelly: Santa pics- who doesn’t love their dogs pics with Santa!
            Maureen: Santa pics
            Megan: Haunted Hospital
            Samantha: Haunted Hospital
            Nora: the first Paws and Claws 5k and staff retreats
            Katie: Haunted Hospital- so far, although Frederick Pride was fun too!
            Ranee: The staff retreats. It is always good to bond and distress with my team.
            Lainey: Alive @ Five
            Julie: The first Paws and Claws 5k, but they are all memorable! And fun!
            Ann: The race was fun.
            Tiffanie: Haunted Hospital
            Haley: Santa pictures- just love that time of year!
            Dr. Cardella: Crazy Saturdays
            Dr. Davis: Haunted Hospital vs Secret santa gift exchange


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Sat:    7:45am – 1:00pm