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Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Advocates Acupuncture!

One of the more diverse and debated areas of veterinary medicine is pain management.  Many different choices exist to help pets feel more comfortable. One great non-medication option is acupuncture.

Acupuncture originated in China around 100 BC. Acupuncture is the insertion of extremely tiny needles into certain areas on the body known as acupoints. Each point is located along a meridian, which was originally thought to be a direct line to an individual organ. Acupuncture can be used for pain management, but it has other applications as well. Patients with asthma can benefit from acupuncture treatment, along with patients who have certain neurologic

Dr. Dannis is happy to treat patients in their own homes, as well as here at KAH.


At Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we are fortunate to work with Dr. Susan Dannis, a certified veterinary acupuncturist. Dr. Dannis treats several of Kingsbrook’s patients, but she also sees some of our staff’s pets–most recently, she has been treating KAH technician Katie’s kitty Johnny Blaze, and Dr. Lynch’s kitty Cricket.

Katie cuddles Johnny during his acupuncture treatment with Dr. Dannis

Formerly an outdoor-only cat, Katie’s family adopted Johnny Blaze in 2015 and brought him inside. In July of 2016, Johnny slipped out the front door and disappeared for 3 days. He came home limping and bedraggled—everyone’s best guess is that Johnny was hit by a car.  Radiographs revealed a broken pelvis and femur. Katie and all our staff worked hard to get Johnny Blaze better, but he still had some discomfort and loss of nerve function in his hind end.

After Johnny started acupuncture treatments, Katie reports he is doing much better! He doesn’t need as much medication as he did before, and his energy level and attitude are greatly improved. He still needs some help with a few things, but otherwise he is the exact same cat he was before the

Adding a mild electric current to acupuncture (known as electroacupuncture) can provide extra stimulation to key acupoints.


Cricket is almost 14 years old. During the blizzard in January 2016, Dr. Lynch noticed Cricket was

Cricket’s acupuncture treatment focuses on her lower spine.

very lethargic and having trouble breathing. She and a team of helpers were able to clear the street enough to drive Cricket to CARE! It turns out that Cricket has an uncommon medical condition that affects her heart.  Because Cricket can’t have certain medications, Dr. Lynch’s options were limited when Cricket started showing signs of arthritis. After just one acupuncture treatment, Cricket began grooming herself again, and after several treatments she is back to jumping up on furniture and playing with toys.

Cricket feels so much better after her treatments, she is able to help Dr. Lynch finish some records!

These are just two “tails” of acupuncture’s success. Dr. Dannis treats dogs, cats, even birds! Our veterinarians at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital are always happy to discuss acupuncture as a therapy for pets. Call today to learn more or to schedule a treatment!


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