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It’s tick season in Frederick, MD

Summer is here!  It’s a season filled with lots of time to spend outside with your pet enjoying the nice weather, but it’s also a time where little critters can start to be quite the nuisance.  Even here in Frederick, Maryland it’s recommend that you keep your furry critters protected against ticks, as they can hide away in your pet’s fur and can easily remain unseen.  Not only are ticks a concern for your pet, they can hitchhike into the house on our furry friends and make a meal of your human family.

The deer tick is the most concerning, as it can be as small as a pinhead and of course, are the ones likely to carry Lyme disease.  If you find one of those little critters embedded in your pet, you can use something such as an O’Tom Tick Twister to ensure you get their little head out and that it stays attached to their body.  

Ticks carry disease.  Not only can they transmit Lyme disease, but they can also carry other diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Anaplasmosis.  These diseases can be transmitted by the tick to both pets and humans alike.  Prevention is the key.

As far as preventatives, our favorite topical product is Frontline Plus as it is the safest thing on the market for your pet.  Frontline does not contain any repellants which could be toxic to your pet or seep in systemically in their body. Frontline stays on the lipid layers of your pet’s skin and is even safe if we were to touch it, including your children! 

It’s recommended to obtain Frontline from your veterinarian as it is backed up by the manufacturer and they offer free doses through veterinarians.  Here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we carry both the O’Tom Tick Twister and Frontline Plus.  Stop by and get yours today!

In addition to protecting your pet with Frontline Plus, our veterinarians recommend vaccinating your pet against Lyme disease if they are at risk.  If you think your pet may be at risk or you have questions regarding preventatives call Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.  One of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to speak to you.


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