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Introducing Dr Dannis/Acupuncture to Frederick, MD

Sugar listening to Dr Dannis’ lecture

Sugar says “That didn’t hurt a bit.”
Did you hear that KAH is introducing Dr. Dannis who is an acupuncturist?!

     My name is Sugar, I am a healthy 3 year old American Bulldog.  My mom works at KAH as a CSR.  I overheard her talking about acupuncture & had to see what this was for myself.  So, when I heard KAH was looking for a demo dog for an acupuncture lecture, I was first to volunteer.

      I attended the acupuncture lecture that Dr. Dannis, a veterinarian, hosted last Friday with all of my friends from KAH. We learned all about acupuncture & how it works.  Basically, acupuncture is a form of triggering the nerve fibers to fire from minimal stimulus so that they don’t fire due to other causes ( can you tell I took notes ;))  It also promotes healing by encouraging the growth of the new blood vessels into areas of the chronic inflammation. This stimulation can also release opiods within your body for pain. 

Dr Dannis inserting the needles into Sugar’s back

     This all sounded great but I wanted to experience this for myself. Well, after seeing another animal first of course.  So when I noticed Baby Kitty raising her paw to go first I was relieved.  I watched her get her acupuncture without a flinch. I knew needed to be brave in this moment.  Dr. Dannis called my name, I started eating cheese & the next thing I knew I had all these needles all over my body & I was feeling really relaxed.  Great job Dr. Dannis!

     What a great experience! I’m sure this will benefit other pets that need additional therapy for their treatments of arthritis, pain, and other health issues.  Great job KAH for adding a service to go above & beyond for pets as usual!

For More information my mom says that you can contact Kingsbrook Animal Hospital at 301-631-6900. They will be starting to schedule appointments in Frederick, MD for Dr. Dannis soon!



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