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Indoor Exercises for the Winter Months

Great ideas for indoor exercise

1.) Do you have stairs?
If so, then you’re in luck. Play fetch with your dog at the top of the stairs, throw the ball down and let him run down, retrieve the ball and run it back up to you. This will wear him out fairly quickly, but be careful! Help him to learn not to run too fast down them, you don’t want an accident.

2.) Play Hide and Eat!
Hide the food (pets favorite or any kind of treat) somewhere in the house (easy at first then it gets harder). Once its all hidden, let your pet loose to find the hidden treasures. They get to use their noses and a big treat when they find it. The treat makes it fun and you’ll be so proud of them.

3.)Toy Tag
Get a new toy and use it for this game every time. Get a toy that will be light but easy to grab. Once your dog realizes its a game he will want to be great at it and might pinch when he gets it, so have a long one like a tug rope. Run through the house with the toy and have the dog chase you, once he catches you, turn the toy over to him and chase him. your “it” when you don’t have the toy


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