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I feel better now, Mommy! Thanks!

Hi my name is Tiffani, and I’m a 14 year old shepherd mix.  Several years ago, I tore the cruciate ligament in one of my knees (the same type of injury that football players are always getting.) I had surgery to fix my knee, but it was also discovered that I also had arthritis in my hips!  My Mom took me to Kingsbrook so I could get some relief for my poor knee & hips!

The first thing the doctors did was put me on a diet to keep me trim.  Any extra weight I was carrying around was just making my joints hurt more.  The diet they put me on is a new diet that has lots of Omega 3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation.  They told me that dogs on this food alone often feel as good as if they were on pain medicine.
But that wasn’t good enough for my mom!  She wanted me as comfortable as possible.  I also get a supplement called Dasuquin that helps protect the cartilage in my joints and a pain pill called Rimadyl every day (they even taste like a yummy treat, so I don’t mind taking them!)  Another thing my Mommy does for me is give me injections of another supplement called Adequan.  This also helps protect my cartilage and keeps my joints lubricated.  
Oh!  I almost for got the best part!  Part of my treatment is lots of walks with my Mommy.  Not only do I enjoy my special time with her, but it helps build muscle mass to keep me going.   I’m feeling so much better thanks to my Mommy & the doctors and staff at Kingsbrook!


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