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How to get your cat in the carrier

How do I get my cat into the carrier!

Many of our clients arrive with scratches up and down their arms due to wrestling their cat into the carrier. Here are some tips to hopefully make this process easier:

1. Place the back end of the carrier against the wall with door open. This will help keep the carrier from sliding around.

2. Scoop up your cat. If your cat runs and hides as soon as the carrier is in site, you may want to feed a meal or treat in a confined area like a bathroom. Then retrieve carrier and place up against wall near confined area.

3. Slide your cat into carrier backwards. This is the key! They are less likely to resist if they don’t see where they are going. It is best to gently scruff your cat with one hand and support under body with your other hand. They should just slide right in. Quickly shut the door and you are ready to go!

P.S. This works very well for rabbits too. They are less likely to jump and injure themselves.


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