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How to Choose a Kennel

There’s no place like home, but if you can’t leave your pet at home when you are away, here are some suggestions for choosing the right kennel.

Ask Questions – ask friends, trainers, veterinarians, animal shelters and pet groomers if they have suggestions.

Make unannounced visits – go by various boarding facilities and ask for a tour. If the staff is not willing to give you a tour, look elsewhere.

Check out the staff – are they caring, professional, and knowlegable? Are they friendly and open to your questions?

Visually inspect the facility – is it clean, well stocked, and orderly? Do they have plenty of room for the pets to exercise? Is there plenty of water available for the pets? Are there any potentialy dangerous objects within reach of the pets?

Are the animals, especially older and smaller ones, provided extra blankets or beds? Do all the animals have blankets or beds so they do not have to sleep on the floor?

Is medical care provided or readily available in the event of an emergency? What procedures are taken?

What can you do to make the choice easier? Board your pet for a few hours or overnight before going away to get an idea of how he or she responds to the environment. Consider a pet sitter if your pet does not respond well to being boarded.

Give all necessary information to the staff regarding your pet’s food, medications, and habits. Make sure the staff is aware of any illness and is familiar with the proper treatment procedures for you pet. Leave a favorite toy or article of clothing with your pet if the kennel will allow.

Give the facility the phone number of a local third party and your veterinarian, as well as phone numbers where you can be reached in an emergency. Call the facility while you’re away to check on your pet.

This can be a stressful time for you and your pet – being prepared will help make it easier on both of you.


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