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Welcome to our blog. To get this blog started off, we want to tell you about the heart warming story of Holly, a beautiful & gentle dog who touched all of our hearts.

“Holly” was found wandering the streets of Frederick with a broken rear leg. Because no one came forward to claim her, she was scheduled to be euthanized. After seeing what a sweet & kind dog Holly was, Kelly, one of our client service specialists, just couldn’t allow that to happen. She stepped in and elicited the help of an anonymous donor and had Holly sent to a surgical specialist to have her badly broken leg repaired. We are so happy to report that Holly is doing very well in her new home! Thanks to Holly’s guardian angels, Kelly & a very special client of ours who wishes to remain anonymous.

To Maxwell’s Mom (Holly’s Anonymous Guardian Angel): Everyone at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital honors your commitment to helping animals and the people who love them.  Your generosity gave a dog in need a new lease on life.  Thank you!


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