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Hello from Oliver

My name is Oliver and I am an irresistibly handsome 12-week old black Lab puppy.

I have been a member of Dr. Kim’s family for nearly 2 weeks already. Dr. Kim found me on the web page of Lab Rescue of Potomac, and she and her husband came to meet me one Friday. It was love at first sight. They welcomed me into their home 2 days later. They were a little apprehensive about having a boy puppy at first; they were so used to having a girl puppy and were not sure what to expect. I reassured them that I would be just as lovable and affectionate as a girl puppy. Truthfully, just between you and me, I think I am more affectionate than a girl puppy.

Things have been great so far. Well, I still have a few accidents here and there, but considering that I am a very young pup, I think I am doing fabulously. Mommy and Daddy spoil me with their love everyday and I LOOOVE being spoiled. Woof! Mommy has already enrolled me in Ms. Laurie Luck’s puppy class.

I come to work with mommy and my Kingsbrook aunties simply adore me. I love saying hello to other doggies and their two-legged friends. So come by when you are in the area and say hello.



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