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On 7/8/10 we recieved this message from the humane society of Frederick County

Frederick,MD: On Tuesday, July 6th, when Frederick Co. reached record-breaking temperatures, a Labrador Retriever died in a parked car left unattended while its owner was shopping.

Don’t let this happen to your pet. Never, ever leave your pet unattended in a vehicle. Bring your pet in from the heat and when pets are outside, even for brief periods, keep them off hot pavement and provide shade and plenty ofwater. If you see an animal locked inside a parked car, quickly try to locate the owner but don’t delay in contacting local authroities to get the animal free. A vehicle’s interior can reach 130 degrees within minutes on a hot day.

This public service reminder is provided by The Frederick County Humane Society, the county’s oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to the humane care of companion animals.

Please have a safe and happy summer- your friends at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.


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