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Have you pet-proofed your house?

Here are some ways to protect your pet

** Plants- There are lots of plants that we have in our households that can spell trouble for our pets should they get into them. Examples:lilies, azaleas or philodendron are all toxic to dogs and cats. Placing your potted plants out of reach and keeping an eye on your pets when they go into the yard are precautionary steps that can be taken. Furthermore, never use cocoa mulch- it contains caffeine and theobromine which are both potentially deadly to dogs. You can visit http://warreneckstein.com/pet-tips/poisons.html/ and click on “Pet Tips” or the ASPCA website (http://aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/plants/) to access a more extensive list on dangerous plants.

** Electrical Cords- Cats have been known to burn their mouths from chewing on electrical wires. They seem to be drawn to the cords because they can feel the electricity running through them- which may give them the same adrenaline rush as hunting prey. Safety measures that can be taken include unplugging your electronics when you aren’t using them or decoying wires with tubing to prevent chewing.

** Chew Toys- Imported treats can sometimes be contaminated with salmonella or chemicals. Make sure the goodies are American-made and be aware of how the product(s) are handled and shipped.


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