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Happy Bird Day From Kingsbrook Animal Hospital!

Mo really loves his morning coffee!

At Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we are very proud of our clients, our doctors, and our staff. This “KAH Pride” also includes our very own Mo!
When our hospital opened in Frederick, MD back in 1998, our doctors rescued four lovebirds and brought them here to help welcome clients to the hospital. Their names were Larry, Curly, Bob…and Mo.


Many worried or scared patients seek out Mo while they’re waiting in the lobby.

Mo’s cagemates were not very friendly towards him, and Mo ended up living on his own for a while. Over the next five years the other birds all passed away, and Mo was quite happy to move to “the big cage” out in the lobby in 2003! From his “perch” in the corner (you caught us, pun intended) Mo loves to welcome everyone to the hospital and to help comfort patients who are worried while waiting for their exams.

Over the years, Mo has had many adventures. Once, he was chased by a cat who escaped from his carrier, and was saved just in the nick of time by Eileen (a former CSR). This may have been the start of Mo’s legendary love of blondes!


Mo loves to be the first to tell Santa Paws what’s on his Christmas List!

Mo has always been the first patient to visit with Santa Paws every year. He is always excited to welcome all of our photo shoot guests and to help advertise the event. He has been in countless KAH Facebook posts, Instagram updates, blogs, and educational videos about caring for birds.  He really loves the camera!
One of Mo’s not-so-hidden talents is picking the Superbowl winner–with amazing accuracy! Videos of Mo selecting who will take home the Lombardi can be found on the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Facebook page.


Mo even created his own logo while working towards becoming an official Angry Bird!

Fun fact–Mo also spent some time campaigning to be the next official Angry Bird. While he wasn’t the winner, all of KAH’s staff agrees that he has become a bit more temperamental over the years.

Occasionally, he will still select a new “favorite” person; for example, when Dr. Kemper began working at Kingsbrook, Mo took an instant shine to him.



Over the years, Mo has had some interesting interior design selections. Sometimes he absolutely loves his new perches or toys, and sometimes he seems almost afraid of them. In one particular instance, Mo was given a brand-new perch right before closing time–which he stared at quite suspiciously and proceeded to avoid completely. However, when our staff members came in to work the next day, Mo had gotten water on the perch and had turned himself completely blue!

Almost every Kingsbrook Animal Hospital staffer has a story or two about our beloved mascot. Stop in and visit with our iconic lovebird, and feel free to grab a selfie!


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