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Guess My Breeds

‘Hi – my name is Augie Doggie. I am a rescue from the Frederick County Animal Control. I had a ‘cherry eye’ in my left eye, and the wonderful and talented Dr. Kim repaired it for me! My Mom and Dad were very curious as to what my ancestry might be. They just couldn’t figure it out, so they decided to have a DNA ‘Wisdom Panel’ done. Can you guess what breeds went into my unique mix? I don’t look anything like my forebearers!

As you can see, I’m black and white and I have a long torso and relatively short legs. No, not a Dachshund! I have looonnng ears. No, a Goat is not a valid choice – try again! I have a long white ‘ruff’ around my neck, and big freckles on my legs and on my pink belly. No, an Appaloosa Horse is not a valid choice either!

I have a white tip on my long skinny tail, and whiskers like Mr. McGregor. Are you getting closer? I love to cuddle, and I’m a very good boy!

OK, I’ll give you another hint. I can smell a piece of toast from 100 paces. And, my Mom and Dad say I’m too smart for my own good!

Get ready – drum roll please – I’m mostly Beagle, with traces of Miniature Poodle, Pug (!), and Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Pit Bull)!!

Wow – what a marvelous mystery life is! Now – where’s that toast?’


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