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Gentle Leader and Easy Walk Harness by Premier

For most dogs who can be very enthusiastic and easily distracted, the gentle leader or easy walk harness are kind tools you can use to keep your dog in control and increase in enjoyment of your stroll together. People have traditionally turned to choker or pinch collars when they have a dog that is strong and pulls on walks. It is a dogs nature to lean into pressure, so a strong dog with a high pain tolerance may continue to pull despite the use of these implements and then can potentially cause laryngeal irritation or even damage. Laryngeal damage can occur with repeated pressure from a traditional nylon collar as well. The gentle leader and easy walk harness are alternative devices used to walk your dog that work on pressure points.

Instead of feeling the pressure of a collar in front of their neck into which they lean and pull harder away from the person walking them, with the gentle leader the pressure is felt at the base of the skull so dogs back into that pressure and with the easy walk harness the pressure is felt at the point of their shoulders and again when they back up. Proper fit of these devices is very important in order to use them successfully. We at Kingsbrook would be glad to help you fit either one of these products to your dog and answer any questions you may have about their use.


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