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Frederick County Animal Control-Giving Second Chances

Being a veterinary technician is an easy way to acquire a four legged friend.  So many animals cross my path that need help, care and ultimately a forever home.  Over the years some that have crossed my path have in some way reached out and touched something in me that prompts me to take them in and make them part of my family.


Sophia Loren came to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital about 1 year ago as a stray that was wandering in a parking lot in Frederick, MD.  She was covered in matted hair as if she had never been groomed.  She had lesions on her side and leg where the matted hair had seemingly been ripped off and taken skin with them.  She also had 3 evenly spaced holes burned through the skin of her neck that one could only assume were caused by some type of electric collar that was placed too tight.

After sedating, clipping and cleaning Sophia’s wounds I offered to foster her for the Frederick County Animal Control until her lesions healed and she was a bit more presentable for adoption.  It didn’t take my daughter more than 2 days to fall in love with her and insist we add her to our family.  She immediately attached herself to me and for the first several weeks any time my other 2 dogs tried to get near me she threatened to eat them alive.  With a lot of positive reinforcement and assurance she has become a loving part of our family and enjoys playing with the dogs as well as our 2 new kittens.  


We are grateful for her everyday.

Written by Nora McKay-Clark RVT

Frederick County Animal Control offers second chances to almost 6,000 animals a year.  If you are looking for a forever friend, consider visiting the shelter and giving a loving animal a second chance.  Not only does the shelter take in dogs and cats, but any animal that needs help. They have a variety of rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and rodents.  You might even see a goat or pot-bellied pig.  For more information on FCAC, to adopt, or foster an animal, CLICK HERE.


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