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Food is Fuel

Helpful Nutritional tips to help you prepare for the Paws and Claws 5K on 6.29.13 in Frederick, MD.

Join the whole staff from Kingsbrook Animal Hospital to support the Animal Welfare League.
Eating healthy can be a challenge even when you are not training for an athletic event, but it is particularly important when you are asking things of your body that it is not used to delivering. If you plan on walking with your dog (unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the 5K run due to the course going through the streets of Frederick), good nutrition for your pup is just as important. We are lucky that a few of the great companies that make our pet foods do all the work for us in regard to formulating a balanced healthy diet that supports all of your pup’s bodily systems. The two companies that we feel have a very strong investment in nutritional research are Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin. If you are feeding a good quality dog food that amounts to 90% of the food your dog gets in a day and providing unlimited fresh water to your pet, you are setting a good nutritional foundation. Make sure that the majority of what your dog eats is the dog food because treats don’t have the appropriate nutritional formulation to support his muscles, joints, heart and lungs.
Now back to you! Hydration is very important when you are asking more of yourself. Remember that coffee and soda don’t support your hydration status the way water will. Don’t deny yourself the beverages you like, but remember to drink at least 64oz. of water throughout the day in addition to your beverages of choice. If the water can replace those beverages, that’s even better. Physical activity takes a toll on your muscle tissue so it is important to eat enough protein to support your muscles through your activity. Lean meats, beans, nuts and even the occasional protein drink may help boost your protein intake while you are training. Carbohydrates are our fuel but stay away from refined ones that will cause spikes in your blood sugar and result in crashes in your energy level. Whole grain breads, fiber enriched whole wheat pasta, fruits and vegetables are great sources of beneficial carbs. The fruits and vegetables will also give you a wealth of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients you can’t find anywhere else. Keep fats and sugars to minimum because they do nothing for you but satisfy your taste buds.
Just remember keep it fun and at the end of the day know that you are going to be healthier and feel better!


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