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Fishing for Chihuahuas

My name is Rock Star and this morning I caused my Mommy some undue stress.  I climbed into my kennel last night at bedtime. My Mommy brought me a nice fleece blankie to snuggle up in and I arranged it just so before I lay down to sleep.  Over the course of the night, I awoke & started chewing on the edge of my blankie.  The string edging began to unravel and it looked so much like spaghetti that I decided to eat it!  It didn’t taste like spaghetti and was much longer at 100 inches.  

When my mommy awoke, she found me with the string hanging out of my mouth and she rushed me to Kingsbrook.  When I arrived, the technicians placed an IV catheter and sedated me while Dr. Cook held the string so I couldn’t ingest any more of it.  Dr. Cook said it looked like he was fishing for Chihuahuas.  I wasn’t amused.  Once I was relaxed, Dr. Kim was able to gently pull the string out since it was only in my stomach (Do not try this at home) and hadn’t traveled to my intestines.  If the string had entered my intestines, I would have needed surgery to remove it! I am feeling much better now.  My Mommy picked me up and I am going home to take a nap……..without my blankie.


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