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How does FindToto work?

The address where your pet was last seen becomes the center point of the neighborhood lost pet alert.

Our automated calling system can call thousands of your neighbors within 1 hour, telling them to be on the lookout for your missing pet.

Our system is designed to call each number up to four times during our call session in attempt to reach the recipient or their answering service/machine . Also keep in mind that many people have Caller I.D. and may very well call us back based on the number they see and we will be happy to direct them to you!

Your lost dog or lost cat message describes your pet in detail, including your contact number, and our website address where the recipient can go to view your lost pet’s picture and information.

Ideally if someone has information relating to your missing pet, they will be able to contact you directly.

Alternately they may contact FindToto and we will gladly put them in touch with you right away.

Why does FindToto work?

FindToto brings neighborhoods together to reunite you with your pet. You’d be surprised how well, asking for simple kindness and awareness through our voice message works!

It is an immediate, efficient, and proactive service.

It’s the quickest way to notify neighbors while you’re making missing pet flyers, driving around and contacting animal shelters.

We constantly update our home phone record database to ensure we have the most recent data in your Missing pets area.

Previous customers will tell you that they have received a greater response from their neighbors by using FindToto over and above all other lost dog or lost pet services.

What makes FindToto different?

Proactive: You’re personally notifying your neighbors and not waiting for them to walk by your poster or scan a lost pet database website. You’re reaching out to them for immediate help.

Fast: The first hours are so crucial. Our system can call everyone in your neighborhood (while you’re still working on those lost pet posters).

Efficient: Have up to 10,000 sets of eyes looking for your missing pet compared to the handful of neighbors who might take a walk that day and actually read your poster.

You can actively search for your pet while you are at work.

Receive location tips from sightings while driving around looking for your pet.

Even if your pet happens to be outside the radius of your lost pet alert calls, word tends to spread pretty quickly and there is a higher chance your missing pet will be found.

For more information check out FindToto.com


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