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Finding a Running Buddy

Perhaps you already have a furry friend at home who would love to get out and have some fun with you. If not, maybe you have been considering adopting a dog. Local shelters are overflowing with animals that are in need of a loving home. If you are interested in a particular breed, there are many breed specific rescues.

If you are unable to have a dog, consider exercising a dog owned by a friend or family member. Maybe they are too busy or not able to be more active with their pet. If they already exercise with their animal, consider joining them.

Another option to consider is to become a volunteer at a shelter. By exercising the dogs as they wait for their new homes, they will be happier and in better shape, just like you! There are a variety of shelters in the Frederick Maryland area that would love your help.

Many towns have running clubs.  Running clubs can be helpful to new and experienced runners. Running with other like-minded people can help to serve as motivation to keep up the good work. It also provides a chance to talk with experienced runners who can provide tips to help keep you striving for your goals- whether it be a race, better time, fitness or fun! (Check with each club before bringing your dog to make sure that they are dog-friendly.)

Start your own club with a group of friends or family. Being active is always more fun when your friends are involved! At Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, a few of our staff members run and walk together. With the upcoming Paws and Claws 5k, our goals have changed. We are slowly increasing our distance to be ready for race day on June 29th. To follow our training plan, check out the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital facebook page.

Before starting any exercise program, remember to first check with your doctor and your pet’s veterinarian.  Always start slow and gradually increase the length of your activity. This will help to avoid injuries and ensure you reach your goal without frustration or worse yet… quitting! Remember, it should be fun for you and your pet!


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