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Finances vs. love for my pet

I have always prided myself on doing the very best for my and our clients pets. I studied veterinary technology to have the knowledge to practice the highest quality of veterinary care and am so lucky to work with exceptional veterinarians and technicians that match my high standards of care here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.

Recently, becoming a full time Mom and a part time technician, I have been able to relate to our clients with financial restraints more than ever. I too have had to make some tough decision of finances vs. the love for my pets. It hasn’t been easy saying no to diagnostics and referral specialists or even treatments that I once could do without a question. Now I think about the financial impact on my family and wonder what other options do I have. This is where being honest with myself and the veterinarians I work with has helped me make decisions for a better quality of life for my pets that does not break my family’s finances.

So, if you can at all relate, please don’t feel bad about being honest with us. If you can’t do what is recommended and need other options please know that we are sensitive to you and your pets needs. We will try our best to offer options that are both doable for you and help maintain a good quality of life for your pet.

Stacey Levitt, RVT


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