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Feliway (A Cat’s best friend)

Feliway is a synthetically formulated version of the feline facial pheromone that cats typically use to mark territory. This synthetic version is marketed in a few different forms for use in a cat household. It can also be used on the go for instance in travel or visits to the vet. Feliway comes in an aerosol spray, a disposable collar that usually has a thirty day duration of effect as well as a diffuser that you can plug in at home that again will last about 30 days per refill.

The use of these products have been correlated with reduction of stress and anxiety in our feline friends. It has also been shown to help with inappropriate elimination issues and inter cat aggression. It seems to have a calming effect on cats that are experiencing stress whether acute or chronic. In the animal hospital setting we have seen cats that come to us hissing and reluctant to even be touched and after sitting with one squirt of the spray feliway on a tissue we can put in the carrier with them their attitudes seem to change for the better and they can be handled more effectively and with less stress to them because they are more relaxed.

Feliway is a worthwhile thing to try if you are experiencing any behavioral or health issues with your cat. If you are concerned about your cats health it is imperative to first consult your veterinarian and treat the condition at hand but feliway may help you cat deal with the stress of illness. For more information about feliway you can access the website www.feliway.com.

Nora forgot to spray feliway in the carrier for Sniddy and Qtip on their way to the vet. As you can see they are pretty stressed.


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