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Feeding Recommendations for Birds

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There are dozens of bird diets to choose from in the Frederick, MD area with all of the local pet supply stores at hand. Bird diets are even available from on-line stores, or you may read about what to feed on a bird forum from another bird owner, but not all diets that are available are nutritionally complete. Feeding your bird a diet that does not provide the nutrients your bird needs will lead to deficits that may land your bird in a veterinary hospital (literally!).

Most diets that are sold for birds are seed based, which birds love! However, seeds are the equivalent of junk food, which is why birds love seed so much and if consumed in excess can cause serious health issues. Seeds and nuts are deficient in vitamin A, calcium, minerals, and certain kinds of amino acids birds need to live long, healthy lives. Nutritional deficits can cause dull feathers, dry skin, an over-grown beak and nails, sneezing, abnormal stool, weight concerns, and a number of other serious health concerns.

The best way to make sure you are feeding your bird a diet that is nutritionally balanced is to feed a diet that has been analyzed by an avian nutritionist. By doing so, you are ensuring the diet provides the proper balance of nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. At Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we recommend the Harrison’s Bird Diets because we know that it is a good, formulated diet that will provide what your bird needs. Feeding your bird a nutritionally complete diet will ensure your bird lives a long, healthful life.


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