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Farewell to My Baby Tooth

My name is Heather, and I am an adorable 9-month old Beagle puppy.

This past Wednesday was no ordinary day for me. My Mommy did not give me any breakfast and she took me on a car trip to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital. A field trip, I thought. No, Mommy had other plans; apparently an appointment for a tooth extraction had been scheduled for me.
You see, all of my baby teeth fell out as I grew, except for the very stubborn right upper canine tooth. The Doctors and my Aunties at Kingsbrook informed Mommy how the persistent baby canine tooth was going to interfere with the position of my adult canine tooth. They also told Mommy that food particles would get stuck in the groove between the adult and baby canine teeth, causing tartar and making the gum tissue angry.
It was true. My adult tooth did not have enough space and it erupted as a straight tooth, without it’s beautiful curve. I began to have yucky food particles stuck between the two teeth and boy, was my breath getting bad! It was becoming a real problem for me.
So, my Kingsbrook Aunties made me sleepy with some sedatives and placed an IV catheter. They put me under general anesthesia and I don’t remember much after that. Dr. Davis later told me that he injected a local anesthetic agent to block the nerve around that tooth, then he surgically extracted my baby canine tooth. He showed my Mommy & me the dental x-rays of my tooth. Apparently, it is very important to take before and after x-rays to be sure nothing is left behind. He even sent me home with medicine to make sure I wouldn’t be in pain! I had no trouble eating my yummy dinner that night!
Also, Dr. Davis gave me my baby canine tooth so I can put it under my pillow. He said the tooth fairy would take my tooth and leave me some money. Money? I don’t want money. I want a giant doggie biscuit! I will have to negotiate with the tooth fairy.
I feel so much better without my stubborn extra tooth! So long my baby canine tooth!


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