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Early Bond

The remains of three Paleolithic dogs have been unearthed recently at Předmostí in the Czech Republic. One of the dogs was found with a mammoth bone in it’s mouth. It was not just mammoth in size, but came from actual mammoths. Scientists believe a human placed the bone in the animal’s mouth after it had died. The animals found show signs of domestication, something that may have began thousands of years earlier than once previously thought. Scientist believe dogs during this time period were just over 77 pounds with a shoulder height of 24 inches. The head would have been similar to that of a husky, but heavier. They would have had a lifespan somewhere between 4 and 8 years. The dog’s were also found with their brains removed after death, something that indicates some form of ritualism occured. People of that time period believed that the head contained the spirit or soul. It is belived that these people made a hole in the skull of the animal so that the spirit may be released. These findings indicate a special connection between man and dog thousands of years ago.

The entire article can be viewed athttp://news.discovery.com/animals/paleolithic-dogs-111007.html


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