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Dry, scaly nose

Hi, My name is Morky and I belong to Nora, a technician at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital. Do you have a dry, scaly nose like me. Or is your nose thickened and cracked. This is a very common problem in many dogs as they age and in some specific breeds such as boxers and bull dogs. The manifestation of these signs can be a primary problem or can be secondary to some other underlying disease. Something that commonly happens when a nose exhibits these characteristics is that there can be a secondary yeast and/or bacterial infection. Some dogs will build up mucoid discharge in there nose, sometimes on just one side or maybe both, that can impede breathing effort and result in a congested sounding airpassage. This condition is commonly called hyperkeratosis and my case is farely mild but chronic. I am 11 years old and have had this condition since I was about 7. My mom tries to keep my nose moist and conditioned with a vitamin E roll on that she applies to my nose 2-3 times a week. Periodically when it looks worse she has the doctor check a cytology to see if bacteria or yeast are present and treat those things accordingly.

If you need help with your dry, scaly, thickened nose ask your friends at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital what your mom can do to make it better.
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