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Drooling Doggie

Dr. Kostinas is an equine veterinarian in the Frederick area and she has a dog named Sirus. Sirus accompanies her mom on many of her farm calls and she sometimes finds herself getting into trouble. Thursday was one of those days.

Sirus was on a farm with her mom and was running and playing in the field as usual. When Dr Kostinas was ready to leave she called Sirus and noticed bloody drool coming from her mouth. Sirus would not permit her mom to look into her mouth so she rushed her to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.

When she arrived, Ranee looked her over to see what was wrong. Her mom was afraid that Sirus had been kicked in the face by a horse, so Ranee was very gentle so as not to hurt Sirus. Ranee lifted her lips and examined her teeth looking for any fractures. Not finding anything, she examined the inside of her mouth and discovered the problem. Sirus had a stick lodged in the roof of her mouth between her upper premolars. Ranee grabbed a hemostat and within seconds, the stick was removed. Ranee checked for further damage and found none. The drooling ceased and Sirus and Dr Kostinas were relieved.

Sirus is back to normal and ready to assist on her next farm call.


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