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Don’t Get Barking Mad in Frederick, Md

Here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, we understand that there are some behaviors that our pets may exhibit that are undesirable.  Barking in dogs is one of the most common complaints amongst owners.  Dogs bark as a natural form of communication and may be caused by a number of different feelings including:  anxiety, frustration, boredom, stimuli, or fear.  Understanding why dogs bark may help to keep barking under control.

Excessive barking in dogs can be prevented early on by socialization and creating routines.  The more familiar dogs are with different surroundings, people, and other dogs will help them feel more confident and will reduce feelings of anxiety or fear.

A perfect place to start is puppy class, Laurie Luck of Smart Dog University is a certified dog trainer and holds some of her sessions right here at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.

Socialize your dog at a dog park, Like Ballenger Creek Dog Park in Frederick, Maryland.  Dog parks don’t only have other dogs, but people too! What a perfect opportunity to meet new friends.

Dogs in general are creatures of habit and when there is a clearly set routine around when they eat, have a bathroom break, or go on a walk will decrease frustrations because they will know exactly what and when to expect it.  Frustrated dogs may not only bark, but may also become destructive.  Set clear routines in your household and prevent problems before they have a chance to start.

Exercise is also a very important part of any dogs’ daily routine.  Imagine being cooped up inside, and only being allowed to go to the bathroom…anyone would become stir crazy!!  Exercising your dog will keep them healthy and reduce boredom and frustration which can lead to excessive barking.  Have fun with your dog, play fetch, take a walk, make new friends at a dog park, go for a hike, take your dog swimming.  And physical activity that provides mental stimulation will keep your pooch happy.

So, the bottom line is…socialization, routine, and exercise can help prevent un-necessary barking.  Happy dogs=Happy owners=Happy homes!!

 (Happy Dogs + Happy Owners = Happy Homes!)


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