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Dogs don’t wear snow boots

Even in these cold temperatures, Rover needs to be walked. Next time it snows, be careful which ice/snow melt you choose to apply to the sidewalk and driveway. Traditional rock salt can heat up to 175 degrees and cause inflammation, irritation and burns to your pets’ feet and mouth.

Safe Paw® is a salt-free alternative that won’t harm your pets, plants, grass or pavement. It’s also better for the environment but will be sure to melt ice and make it safer to navigate on Rover’s walks.

If you walk your dog on a public road or other area where rock salt has been applied, be sure to wash and dry your pets’ feet when they come in to avoid an irritation from the salt or ingestion of it as they lick their feet.

For more information on Safe Paw®, visit: http://www.safepaw.com/product.html


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