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Doggie Tip: 4th of July Fireworks

Although most of us love the pyrotechnics (the bigger the better!) on the 4th of July, most of our canine companions (and some of our feline ones, too) get anxious, stressed, and just plain terrified.

With training we can remedy or prevent this stressful day for our loved ones.
But conditioning them to be relaxed while the sky suddenly explodes can take several months.

Here are some helpful tips for this year’s celebration to keep you, your house, and most importantly your pet safe.

1)- If they haven’t had a physical exam in a while- at least a week before the day you know fireworks will be set off- take your pet to the vet for a physical and discuss anxiety medications.

2) Stay home with your pet. If you are planning on leaving- don’t make a big production out of it, this may alert you pet that something is up and make them more stressed.

3) Stay inside.

4)If you are going out (and maybe even if you are staying in ) Crate your pet. In a panic your pet may try to escape and destroy any number of things in the house in their pursuit of safety. Also they may potentially escape the house.

5) Mask the noise by turning on the radio or t.v

6) Stay calm yourself. If you stay calm it will help reinforce the concept that everything is ok.

6)Give them a toy or a Kong filled with cheese or peanut butter (anything they love). This will keep them distracted (if you freeze the kong several hours before, it may even distract them longer).

7) You can also distract them by playing a game they love to play. Again, it’s best if this is an activity that can be done indoors.

Good luck and have a safe and wonderful Independence Day from all of us here at KAH!


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