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Dog Friendly Drive

The Honda Element EX is the first concept vehicle designed with the comfort and safety of a dog in mind, says James Jenkins, senior product planner for Honda.

Other manufacturers have offered netted barriers and other small features for dogs, but none have matched the level of safety in the concept car’s second-row and cargo-area pet restraint systems.

“The Element is already a very dog-friendly vehicle,” Jenkins said. “My favorite part of (the concept) is that we can now transport a dog safely. Now, pets are part of the family. Now, more than ever, people are adapting to their dogs.”

Sammy’s guardian, Heather Cammisa, knows that first-hand. The Humane Society of the United States’s manager of spay/neuter initiatives adopted Sammy after fostering him for an animal shelter for several months.

“If he could talk, Sammy would say he loves the ramp and the spill-proof water bowl, and I appreciate that the seats don’t hold dog fur and are washable,” Cammisa said.

The vehicle’s second-row seat covers will come with a dog pattern design that matches the included elevated platform bed. All-season “pet-style” rubber floor mats with engraved toy bones, a 12 DC rear ventilation fan, cargo organizer, tote bag, three Dog Friendly exterior emblems and one custom-engraved dog tag will also be included.


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