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Dog Days of Summer

Warm weather is here, and that means you and your dog will likely be spending more time outside. We’ve compiled 10 ideas to help you and your pooch get in on some safe summer fun.

1. Splash around. Buy a plastic kiddie pool for your dog to cool off in, or let him practice his doggy paddle at a pool or the beach.

2. Beach blanket bingo. Hang out at a dog-friendly beach or bring your dog along for a waterside picnic.

3. Disc-o time. Test your dog’s skills at Frisbee.

4. Squeaky clean. Schedule a bath time play-date with your friends’ dogs and have an outdoor dog wash.

5. Take a hike. Bring your dog hiking on a nearby wooded trail. Make sure your pet is protected against fleas and ticks.

6. Campy fun. Take your dog camping at pet-friendly campgrounds.

7. Park life. Visit your local dog park for some doggy socializing.

8. Walk it off. Take your dog for a walk in your neighborhood.

9. Summer school. Choose a dog trainer so your dog can brush up on his etiquette.

10. Go for a ride. Safely secure your dog in your car, and take him with you for a ride.

Remember to outfit your dog with a collar and ID tag that includes your name, address and telephone number. No matter how careful you are, there’s a chance your companion may become lost—an ID tag greatly increases the chance that your pet will be returned home safely. And even a dog with a valid license, rabies tag and ID tag should not be allowed to roam outside of your home or fenced yard. It’s best for you, your community and your dog to keep your pet under control at all times. Also be sure that your dog has access to clean, cold water at all times—dogs can overheat quickly!

Now get out there, and enjoy the season!


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