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Daring Rescue

A dog-owner risked his life by plunging into a frozen lake to save his pet.

Walkers were stunned to see the man dive into the water, despite repeated warnings for him not to. He had been shouting at his black cocker spaniel ‘Jarvis’ to come back to the shore after it ran onto the ice chasing ducks. The dog became trapped in water which had not frozen over in the center of the lake. After five minutes of frantic doggy paddling, the dog was struggling to keep his head above the surface and was not able to climb back on to the ice.

His owner quickly removed some of his clothes, despite the sub-zero temperatures, and stepped off the bank, smashing the ice as he went neck-deep into water. Both emerged shivering from the cold but the owner simply shook himself dry and calmly walked away.

University lecturer Julie Brown, 46, captured the drama at Alkrington Woods in Middleton, Greater Manchester on New Year’s Day and described the man as being as ‘cool as a cucumber’. ‘The dog was struggling and started going under. It was very traumatic and people were screaming. My daughter was petrified,’ she said. ‘I don’t know who he is but I’d like to congratulate him for being so brave.’

Alkrington Angling Club’s Lee Fairbrother said the rescuer was ‘lucky to come out alive’. He said: ‘The water may be shallow, but under that you have five-foot of silt which can pull you under like quicksand.’

A fire service spokesman said: ‘We advise people not to let their dog run on ice. They can end up in very dangerous circumstances.’ smashing magazine


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