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Chewy the Lumpy Dog!

Hi, My name is Chewy.  As I have gotten older, I’ve been getting Lumpy! Every time my Mommy finds a new lump, she brings me to the nice people who wear scrubs & white coats at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital.  They measure my new lump and even have a chart of my old lumps that they use to keep track of them all!  Then they poke my new lump with a tiny needle to get a small sample to put on a slide.  I don’t even notice they’re poking me, because they give me treats the whole time!  

Later that day, the doctor will look under the microscope to see what kind of cells are in my lump.  The reason they do this is because it’s almost impossible to tell what a lump is just by feeling or looking at it.  I’m a great example of this.  I have had some lumps that the doctor had to remove because they might be cancerous, and others that we can leave alone because they aren’t anything to worry about.  

I am glad my Mommy loves me sooo much and that she takes such good care of me!  Not to mention the treats I get from the people in scrubs and white coats are worth the trip!



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