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Category: Wisdom Panel Genetic Testing

Who’s Your Dog’s Daddy?

“What do you think she is?” This is a common question among owners of mixed breed dogs. For years veterinarians could only guess the answer based on the the dog’s

Long Commute

Tom and Marilyn Burke have been bringing their dog Sasha to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital since 2002. When the family moved to Florida, they could not find a veterinarian they liked

Guess My Breeds

‘Hi – my name is Augie Doggie. I am a rescue from the Frederick County Animal Control. I had a ‘cherry eye’ in my left eye, and the wonderful and

What Is In Your Mix??

Hi, My name is Lucy. Aren’t I the cutest dog you ever saw? I am a rescue from the Humane Society of DC. My Mommy found me on Petfinder by

Nemo’s Recipe

Nemo looked like a little Labrador cross as a puppy.  A former service dog in training, his heritage didn’t really matter – any breed (or mix) can make a good


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