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Badger the Whippet and his Fight for Life

We all know blood donation saves lives. Three of my dogs have been donors for the Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank for several years. Even though they love it for the

Fireworks, Thunder and Lightning. Oh My!

Every summer we have many people asking “What can I do for my dog who gets really upset during thunderstorms or when there are fireworks? ”   Sometimes pets are only mildly

The Generosity of our Doctors

Promise Animal League is a non-profit rescue organization that provides low cost spay and neuter for feral cats in and around Washington County. Our doctors were kind enough to donate

Local Talent

Zippy Burke’s mom has sent us another another cool card. Can you believe she can use watercolors like this? For great gift ideas, visit her website at HeartfeltImpressions.com

Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners?

Check out the Health section of this week’s New York Times at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/11/health/11really.html. This article evaluates studies which have looked at whether dogs resemble their owners. There’s even a place

Poisonious Plant Alert

A plant called the “Sago Plam” or “Cycad” is a houseplant that is showing up in many home improvement stores. It is used in outdoor landscaping in the southern states


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